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About me


I grew up in Kitsap County in a family that utilized both conventional and alternative medicine. In college I developed a passion for human biology, and given my interest in both teaching and my desire to work with people one-on-one, it became clear that a career in medicine was a perfect fit. I considered conventional medical programs, but decided I couldn't buy into a system that managed to marginalize the health of both patients and providers. A friend told me about naturopathic medicine, and I was immediately hooked - it was a perfect way to integrate my interest in medicine with my love for nutrition, fitness, and alternative ways of thinking.

I lived in Western Massachusetts for four years during college, and spent three years in Colorado before enrolling at Bastyr University for the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program. During this period I spent my time working as a tutor, exploring various movements disciplines including martial arts, strength and conditioning, and outdoor sports, and letting my curiosity guide me. I continue to have a love for philosophy, spirituality, psychology, economics, and big-picture systems and ideas.

When I'm not practicing medicine I enjoy spending time with my family here in Kitsap, being in nature, strength training, reading, and relaxing with my partner and our cat, Hazel. I recently co-founded a supplement company, Lucidum Medicinals, that brings medical-quality medicinal mushroom formulas to healthcare clinics and the general public. I love being able to do and learn something new every day - I hope you'll come and join me.


Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Bastyr University

Kenmore, WA

Bachelor of Arts in Human Physiology and Immunology

Hampshire College

Amherst, MA

I completed my medical training at Bastyr University, including rotations in primary care, women's health, naturopathic oncology, and physical medicine.

My undergraduate work at Hampshire College included a concentration in Human Physiology and Immunology, and the completion of a senior thesis on the impact of nutrition on autoimmune disease.

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