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Working with me

My approach is fundamentally holistic - I treat you as a whole person, weaving together the modes of treatment in my repertoire with your preferences to create a tailored, personalized approach. I take time to hear your whole story, and to discover who you are and what you need to achieve and maintain health and vitality. Education is core to who I am, and is also fundamental to the way that I practice. I want you to understand what is going on, and why I recommend what I recommend, so that we can make decisions together, and have an ongoing conversation about your health.

Primary and Specialty Care

Naturopathic Primary Care

You can elect to have my as your primary care provider if you are an insurance patient. As your PCP, I am your first point of contact for medical care, and can connect and refer you to specialists and for labs and imaging as needed. In this relationship I am the primary person responsible for managing and coordinating your medical care, managing your medications, and ongoing evaluation of concerns as they arise.

Naturopathic Specialty Care

I can work alongside your primary care provider, providing my expertise in natural, integrative medicine, and provide referrals and order labs and imaging as needed. Self-pay patients are recommended to have a relationship with a primary care provider who is in-network with their insurance.


High blood pressure


Heart disease






Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Crohn's Disease

Ulcerative Colitis

Hormones & Thyroid

Adrenal dysfunction

Thyroid dysfunction

Hashimoto's thyroiditis

Sex hormones...


Autoimmune disease

Chronic infections


Mental Health



Stress & Burnout

Conditions I work with

Metabolic Health


Weight management



Acute Pain

Back pain

Chronic Pain



Colds and flus



Chronic lung conditions

Nervous System

Alzheimer's disease



Multiple sclerosis

Neuropathic pain

Parkinson's disease

Other conditions

Chronic fatigue


Reproductive & Sexual Health

Men's Health

Women's Health

Nonbinary Health

STI screening and treatment



Women's Health

Menstrual conditions



Pelvic pain

Men's Health

Prostate health

Erectile dysfunction

Pelvic pain

Urinary tract

Chronic kidney disease

Kidney stones

Interstitial cystitis


Urinary tract infections







Botanical Medicine

I incorporate Western herbal medicine into my treatment approach when indicated, bringing the best of traditional herbal knowledge and modern scientific research to you as a patient. Botanical medicines prove to be effective in many conditions, and often offer fewer side effects and a more holistic support than pharmaceuticals.

Diet, Nutrition, and Supplementation

Diet and and nutrition are foundational aspects of naturopathic medicine; we believe that food is medicine. Diet and nutrient therapy also encompasses the targeted use of vitamins and minerals, as well as other compounds found in foods (nutraceuticals), when indicated. Diet, nutrition, and supplementation can be used in conjunction with other modes of treatment, or as an approach in and of itself.


Good medicine is relational - I want to know who you are, and how I can provide support in the way that you need it. Counseling is woven into every visit, and encompasses not only social and emotional support but how treatment integrates into your life, and information about what we are doing and why we are doing it. Naturopathic medicine emphasizes the doctor as teacher, and counseling is how we deliver education and information and integrate it into your life, with open and active engagement with our patients.

Treatment Modalities

Hormone Therapies

From thyroid hormones to reproductive hormones, sometimes our bodies fall out of balance. Many of my patients benefit from herbs, nutraceuticals, and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to restore vitality, treat and prevent disease, and maximize longevity.

Prescription/Pharmaceutical Management

I am educated in and licensed to prescribe all drugs that are not on the controlled substances list. While pharmaceuticals are often not the core of my treatment approach, I utilize them when necessary, and can help you make informed decisions about when they are appropriate in the course of your care. I can provide support in reducing or discontinuing medications when appropriate, and in managing side effects.

Treatment modalites

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